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As the largest city in Northeast China, Shenyang can rightfully claim to be the political, economic, and cultural centre of Liaoning Province. Look deeper than your first glance and you will find the treasures that this huge city has, including well preserved artifacts of the Manchu era. It is fact the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty and if you look hard enough you will see the remnants of the rise and fall of China’s last Imperial Dynasty.


Shenyang Imperial Palace

Often referred to as a smaller version of Beijing’s Forbidden City and along with the Beijing icon is the only remaining Royal palace in China. A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site (since 2004) the Imperial Palace offers an insight into the early Qing Dynasty with its collection of Art and cultural relics.


Zhaoling Tomb (North Tomb)

Zhaoling Tomb is the burial place of Huang Taiji, the eight son of the founder of the Qing Dynasty. The tomb is located in Beiling Park in the North of Shenyang. The site is extensive and typical of the period. The statues and scriptures are protected by ancient walls and flanked by Pine trees.


Fuling Tomb (East Tomb)

Fuling Tomb is found in the east of Shenyang and is the burial place of Nurhachi the founder of the Qing Dynasty. This UNESCO World Heritage Site covers almost 50 acres. Located 15 kilometres from the city centre.

18 September History Museum

18 September 1931 is documented in history as the day that the city of Shenyang fell under Japanese occupation. This modern museum details this period in depth, often gruesomely portraying the events that occurred. With around 1000 photographs on display, this museum is well worth a visit.


Benxi Water Caves

The Benxi water caves are simply amazing. Formed over 5 million years, the site is an underground forest of stalagmites and stalactites. Enjoy a 40 minute boat ride through the passageways which are illuminated by different coloured lights to add to the spectacle. The cave is found on the Taizi River, 60 kilometres east of Shenyang.



Dalian, Liaoning Province, in north-eastern China is located on the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula where the Bohai and Yellow seas meet. The city is one of China’s most important transportation hubs connecting China with Asia and the rest of the world. The city’s harbour is world famous for its natural aspects and ocean-going freighters link the peninsula with some 160 countries.

This industrial city is well developed commercially and financially and handles grain, vegetables and fruits together with fish, prawns, abalone, sea cucumber and other aquatic plants. Dalian is a major holiday resort and tourist city with world class hot springs, trade fair facilities, golf facilities, International marathon, and numerous festivals each year.

Major attractions and locations include Jinshi Beach, Marine World, Forest Zoo, People’s Square, Lushu Museum, Friendship Square and Labor Park.


Zhongshan Square

With buildings dating back to the turn of the 20th Century, Zhongshan Square is an ideal place to view local Dalian life. Originally the colonial residential area of the Russians the square was previously called Nicholas Square.


Friendship Square

A huge traffic Island, Friendship square lights up at night and looks like a giant Disco ball.


Dalian Museum

Dalian is a city undergoing significant development and the museum not only offers an insight into the city’s past but the direction that the city is moving in. Large scale modern developments highlight the impressive growth that the city has undertaken.


Bingyugou Valley

Bingyugou Valley is a nature reserve that is filled with lakes, rivers and mountain streams. In winter the area is a wonderland with snow capped mountains and glacial lakes.



Dandong lies in the southeast of Liaoning Province, separated by the Yalu River from North Korea. Dandong is a small city by Chinese standards at 643,000 inhabitants and is a gateway of both trade and tourism with North Korea. Dandong is also home to the Eastern most stretch of the Great Wall of China.



Fenghuangshan (Phoenix Mountain) National Park is 60 kilometres North West of Dandong city. Enjoy and explore the temples, pagodas and monasteries that cover the park.

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