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Located in North East China, Jilin Province is an area rich in natural beauty that does not enjoy the profile of other scenic regions of China. Jilin Province is home to over one million ethnic Koreans and faces North Korea. Winters are tough here, making many areas inaccessible, yet the Ice Lantern festival is well worth the visit in the wondrous winter surroundings.



Changchun is the capital of the province with a population of 3 million. The city is now the base for  a large part of China’s burgeoning automotive industry. Changchun has an interesting past with Japanese infiltration in the 1930’s.


Puppet Emperor’s Palace

The ‘Last Emperor’ of China was the 10th Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Henry Puyi ( The Emperor) was viewed as the puppet of the occupying Japanese. The  Puppet Emperor’s Palace was the residence of Pu yi and many parts of his home have been recreated.



Jilin is a city known more for its industry but the city has pleasant boardwalks which flank the Songhua River. Jilin is attractive year round but wrap up warm if you visit in the winter months. Ski fields are popping up everywhere in this part of China and Jilin makes for a good base from which to explore.


Wen Miao Confucian Temple

Built in the early 1900’s Wen Miao Temple was one of many dedicated to Confucius. The idea of dedicating a temple to the Great Master was that it brought good luck. Visitors can enjoy frequent exhibits dedicated to the life and times of Confucius.


Songhua Hu Ski Zone

Skiing Resorts are a growth industry in China. Located 25 kilometres south of Jilin, the Songhua Hu Ski Zone offers good runs for both Beginners and Intermediates.


Changbai Shan (Long White Mountain)

China’s largest nature reserve is home to over 200 species of animal. Included in this list are purported to be Tigers and Black Bears. The area is lush and beautiful. Visit all year round but be prepared for cold winter months. The area is rich in bird life, waterfalls and streams.


Korean Autonomous Prefecture

North East of Jinan City near the city of Yanji is the Korean Autonomous Prefecture. This area is home to over one million ethnic Koreans. North Korea is just across the Tunmen River.

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