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About Us

China Holidays Australia

We are your online travel guru for China offering the best range at the very best prices powered by the huge resources and buying power of China Holidays Travel Group.

China Holidays has a range of options to suit every budget and the best part about it is that you save money.

What is the China Holidays Travel Group difference?

Our focus is on bridging the cultural:

Everything that you need for travel to China – business or leisure is offered by China Holidays. If you need an Airport transfer in Beijing, a sightseeing in Shanghai, Highspeed train ticket, or a five-star river cruise down the majestic Yangtze river – we can look after you and you can book it conveniently online. Choose from the many destinations on offer, with many holiday options packaged to offer you the best value for both time and money.

China Holidays is a licensed member of IATA (licence No. 023 216 05) having met strict financial guidelines and other travel agency related qualifications to permit electronic issuance of airline tickets.

China Holidays Travel Group is confident that you will find the best value travel options for China. Our bulk buying dictates that we can pass on fantastic savings and great deals on everything that we sell. Hotels offer wonderful value with over 70% savings in many cases. Enjoy great value with no compromise on quality. Don’t pay additional fees – just get the travel options that you need at the price you want to pay.

At China Holidays Travel Group it is our people that make the difference. Our Senior Management team has significant industry experience and our culture dictates that the client’s needs are paramount. A strong bilingual team in both China and our offices around the world provides a level of customer service that we are proud to offer. Our team is a mix of many cultures and we strive to always work together in our passion for travel to China.

We pride ourselves on offering – what we call a ‘seamless’ service to China ensuring that everything we offer meets with your expectations. With a large team based in China and partners who we use for transportation and touring assistance, our belief is that if we look after you, all you need to do is immerse yourself in this incredible country and soak up all that it has to offer.

After all, China is our focus – we believe in focusing on one destination and doing it well!

Welcome to China! Welcome to China Holidays Travel Group!

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