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Guizhou is one of China’s real hidden treasures. Natural scenery provides a stunning back drop to the fascinating culture which is here in abundance. No less than 15 of China’s ethnic minority cultures can be found here, still retaining their unique lifestyle. If you time your journey right you may stumble across one of the folk festivals which provide a unique insight in this melting pot of culture. Asia’s largest waterfall Huangguoshu is found here.



Anshun is a pleasant city and the gateway to the delights of western Guizhou province. The city enjoys prominence as a key city in the region for commerce and trade. Anshun is a great base from which to enjoy sights such as the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot (Longong Caves) and the Huangguoshu Falls


Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot  (Longgong Caves)

Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot  (Longgong Caves) can be found just 20 kilometres from the city of Anshun. The underground maze of caves covers an area of more than 60 kilometres, with underground mineral caves, lakes and waterfalls. Travel by boat to discover this  hidden mystery world.


Huangguoshu Falls

Located in Guizhou Province, Asia’s largest Waterfall reaches a width of 81 metres and plunges into the Rhinoceros Pool from 74 metres above. For a unique experience you can walk behind the falls via a cave and get a sense of the awesome power of the water.


Zhijin Cave

As one of the largest caves in the world Zhijin Cave is a n impressive site. Over 9 kilometres in length and in excess of 150 metres high, it is an underground world of chasms and maze like pathways. Enjoy a tour of the area.



Guiyang City provides a laid back atmosphere with great local food. Enjoy wandering along the river’s edge in the mild evening weather.


Provincial Museum

Guiyang is at the heart of Guizhou’s ethnic minority culture and the Provincial Museum show cases this impressive local culture. Enjoy the costumes and art of the Miao People.


Hongfu Temple

Hongfu Temple or Great Luck Temple  dates back to the 1670’s and is found in Qialing Park, north of the city centre.


Jiaxiu Pavillion

Dating back to 1568, Jianxiu Pavillion is a three storied temple 20 metres high. The name of the temple comes from its creator who dedicated it to the people of Guiyang who were termed the most talented under the stars.



China is a country of immense history, spanning thousands of years. If China’s relatively recent history appeals then Zhunyi is a must see with an abundance of Chinese Communist party artifacts.


Communist Party Historical sights

Sights include the Zunyi Conference site, the most well known historical communist site, predominantly as the location of the 1935 Zhunyi Conference, a pivotal time in the rise of the future leader of China Mao Ze Dong.


Xiangshan Temple

Built in the 1920’s Xiangshan Temple is still a practicing temple to this day. On the way to the temple you will past through the markets offering great local produce.



Weining is a town in the west of Guizhou. It marks the western point of the transport network and offers visitors a uniquely regional experience. If time permits enjoy one of the frequent markets in the centre of town.


Caohai Lake

Caohai Lake is a beautiful Grass and Wetland which offers the opportunity to enjoy China’s migratory birds up close. The setting is serene and offers a paradise for birdwatchers in particular.



Eastern Guizhou is home to a large number of ethnic minority groups and Kaili (200 kilometres from Guiyang) is a good place from which to explore. If time permits ensure you are here on a Sunday for a local market rich in ethnic minority foods and crafts.


Xijiang Mao Village

Enjoy an authentic experience with the colourful and fascinating Miao people.  The Miao culture is an ancient one, still strong today. Time for visit for the many festivals throughout the year. The village is around 50 kilometres north of Kaili.

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